First Love

When Allie found out that Sam liked me, she acted like it didn’t bother her, she knew if I thought she liked him, I would never have liked him. Allie wanted me to be happy, that made her happy, luckily Evan McMillan, liked Allie, so it all worked out.

If that all sounds confusing, it was, we were thirteen. Sam was my first boyfriend; the first boy to hold my hand, pick me daisies, and make me giggle, it was a serious full on summer camp crush. Summer ended, we said our good-byes and Sam went back to London, a whole ocean away. We sent cards on holidays and birthdays, and when my mother died he called, but neither of us knew what to say, it was painfully awkward. I dreamed of going to London to visit Sam when I was old enough, but slowly I let go of the dream of ever seeing him again. I didn’t hear from Sam again till years later when he moved to Boston to go to college. We’d both grown up, and summer camp felt like a lifetime ago.