Truth or Lies?

I told Meredith, I was almost done with my book when I asked for another small advance. I’m not sure if this was a lie or wishful thinking, but either way, it wasn’t the truth. Obviously, I wouldn’t say to her, “I’m no further along than when I first submitted it, it’s a disaster!”

We would probably get into a lot less trouble if we just stuck to the truth and didn’t try to fabricate a world we think others will enjoy more than reality.

It’s easy to point my finger at Milo, for being controlling; but in a more subtle way, I was doing the same thing to the people around me. I was controlling my world by choosing the truth I would tell.

We are all guilty of trying to control the world we share with others, right? What about social media? Are you completely honest? You can’t be having the best day ever, every day, can you? Do you share

the times when you’re at home on a Saturday night, your room is a mess, you haven’t showered, you’re lonely, and you can’t think of anything to do? Or do you only share when you’re out with friends, you’re having a great hair day, the sun is shining, and everyone is smiling?

There’s nothing wrong with trying to put a good image out there, but remember, everyone else is doing the same thing. You can’t judge your life, to someone else’s Instagram feed. It’s just not real. Those beautiful candid pictures, sometimes take multiple tries to get just right, and a team of creatives are called in to get that perfect impromptu moment. And it’s not only social media, there’s another conspiracy to make you feel insecure about absolutely everything— the way you look, dress, and act. It’s called advertising. The mod- els on the cover of magazines even wish they could be that girl. It takes a team of stylists and hours of Photoshop to get to that result. Sometimes you wouldn’t even recognize them if you saw them on the sidewalk.

The danger of misrepresenting the status of my work, and trying to control the truth, is the next time I’m called upon to tell the truth, it becomes easier to paint the world that I think you want to see, or I want to see for that matter. One small step in that direction makes the next step and the next that much easier.

Don’t compare yourself to others, their lives or their looks. You never know what’s real and what’s fabricated.