renovation of the heart

When Anne and Dan Dover (Louise Dylan and Sean Wing) find themselves in financial jeopardy, they turn to Dan’s parents’ (Dee Wallace and Gary Neal Johnson) for help. But this time his father thinks it’s time for his son to learn some life lessons. 

 Left with only one solution; To leave their beautiful apartment in New York and move to the suburbs of Kansas to sell the house Anne inherited from her parents. They hope to sell the house quickly, but what they thought was a sellers’ market is just a bunch of lookers and a pushy real estate agent that insists they need to drop the price dramatically or FIX IT UP!

 Still determined to return to their lives in New York as quickly as possible and spend as little money as they can, they decide to do a few things around the house themselves

It doesn’t take long for them to become discouraged by their lack of abilities and progress. Dan learns DIY doesn’t mean easy, but is most surprised when he finds out Anne has unexpectedly fallen in love with the house and the neighbors and now doesn’t want to go back to NY.